Ride Sharing Solution

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Ride Sharing Solution

Transaction Flow

In this section we are going to discuss the flow of system transactions. System flow operates from the admin panel Fare Management section. For every zone this flow can be different as the system depends on the zone. For both category and parcel there is some category. Transactions or fees are dependent on zone and category.

  • Trip fee (For complete ride) =  {Base Fare + {(fare/km)* Total distance} + (Idle Fee/min) + (Trip Delay Fee/min) – Coupon amount } + Vat/Tax
  • Trip fee (For cancel ride by user)  =  {Base Fare + {(fare/km)* Total distance} + (Idle Fee/min) + (Trip Delay Fee/min) + Cancellation Fee  – Coupon amount } + Vat/Tax
  • Parcel Fee =  {Base Fare + {(Fare/weight)* Total distance} – Coupon amount } + Vat/Tax