1. What is DriveMond?

DriveMond is a complete ride sharing and parcel delivery solution. It has an admin panel, customer app, driver app, and business website.

The DriveMond’s frontend is built using Flutter & Bootstrap. And, the backend is developed using Laravel framework of PHP language.

Yes. In the DriveMond ride sharing app, the customer and driver can self-register. 

We’ll send you an email on every new DriveMond update! You can also find the update history from the change log.


1. Can I purchase an annual license and then upgrade to a lifetime license?

If you want to change your annual license, you need to purchase the lifetime license again. There’s no option to upgrade.

You get 1 license for a single project in the combo package pricing. But in the agency package (that we recommend), you’ll get 5 licenses you can use for your clients. For more details, you can read this blog.

If you purchase an agency package, you can serve 5 clients. 

Both the DriveMond packages are top-notch, be it annual payment or lifetime. It depends on your budget and business plan. But we recommend the lifetime plan as it’s a one-time payment, and you can enjoy all the benefits forever.

In the DriveMond annual plan, you have to pay for the package you choose each year. In the DriveMond lifetime plan, you pay only once and enjoy everything that exists and everything that’s coming next into the DriveMond ridesharing solution.

Installation & Customization

We have four different installation plans for businesses of all sizes and goals. You can easily check out our installation plans and learn more about our services!

Of course! Find our installation packages here & choose the plan that suits your goals.

The cost of customization of the DriveMond ride sharing app may vary depending on your project’s requirements, duration, and urgency. You can discuss your requirements with us to know more. 


1. How can I contact team DriveMond?

Team DriveMond is always ready to serve you with any queries and assistance. To contact team DriveMond, please create a support ticket here.

Yes, we have a terms and conditions for using DriveMond. You can check it here.

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