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Account Registration

Drivers can begin their journey by registering in the DriveMond ride sharing and parcel delivery driver app

DriveMond Driver App Account Registration Address Features

Set Device Location

Drivers can begin their journey by setting up the device location so that customers nearby can find drivers for trips & parcel deliveries.

DriveMond Driver App Account Registration Sign Up Features

Sign Up

New users can sign up as drivers from the ‘Login/Sign up’ interface after setting up the device’s location in the Drivemond ride sharing driver app.

DriveMond Driver App Account Registration Login Features


Drivers who are already registered can log in with email & password to access our ride sharing and parcel delivery driver app.

  • Vehicle Registration

    Drivers must register their vehicle via the DriveMond Driver App during self-registration and await admin approval.

    Add Vehicle Information

    Drivers complete self-registration by providing their vehicle’s brand, model, license details, etc., for transparency and authenticity.

    DriveMond Driver App Add Vehicle Information

    Real-time Notifications

    If the admin approves drivers’ vehicle registration requests, drivers will receive real-time notification via the DriveMond driver app.

    DriveMond Driver App Vehicle Registration App Notified After Admin Approval Features

    DriveMond Driver App iOS & Android Supported

    With DriveMond’s cross-platform app for driver-partners, your business can expand its reach, increase earning potential, and give them an overall convenient experience.

    DriveMond Android & iOS Supported Driver App

    Trip Workflow

    With our ride sharing driver app drivers can easily get trip requests, bid, & rate customers by completing trips.

    Online/Offline Status

    This is one of the best driver app features that lets drivers set up the availability for trips with just a toggle button.

    Get Trip Request

    Drivers get requests for ride or parcel delivery service from nearby customers within the nearest radius.

    Bid on Fare

    Drivers can bid with their fair on trip requests, view other drivers bidding for the trip, & secure trips if a customer chooses their fare.

    Customer Accepts The Trip

    If the fare is agreeable, customers confirm the trip and wait for the driver at the pickup spot to start journey.

    Arrival at Pickup Point

    Drivers arrive at the pickup point after the trip request is accepted to pick up the customer or parcel.

    Enter Pin and Verify The Ride

    Security is a priority in ride sharing driver app solutions. That’s why drivers need to enter a PIN before starting trips.

    Pause Trip if Needed

    When needed, drivers can pause trips upon customer request from the app to accommodate any necessary stops.

    Trip Completion and Payment Collection

    Reaching destination driver can complete the trip from the app, get payment details & collect payment from the customer.

    Rate Customer

    After successful trip completion, drivers can rate customers via the DriveMond Driver App and share their trip experience.

    Give Drivers a Seamless Experience with DriveMond’s Driver App

    DriveMond Driver App Experience
    DriveMond FAQ Vector

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How does the ride sharing and parcel delivery service driver app work?

    The ride sharing and parcel delivery service driver app works like this: Register > Get Approval > Get Ride or Parcel Delivery Request > Pickup Rider or Parcel > Complete Ride or Deliver Parcel > Get Payment.

    Real-time tracking and monitoring, automated routing, electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), in-app notification and communication, convenient payment and invoicing, online/offline status, performance analytics, and trip history- these are the basic features of an ideal parcel delivery driver app.

    Yes, DriveMond comes with an option to offer bonuses to drivers through loyalty points and driver levels.

    Team DriveMond ensures all your drivers are authenticated and fully verified. For this, we’ve introduced an essential document attachment feature where drivers can upload their identity cards, such as NID, Driver’s license, Passport, etc., and identity card images and numbers. The admin later reviews the papers and verifies them before onboarding the driver.

    Yes, it is possible to customize the DriveMond driver app dashboards that align with your project’s branding and requirements. You can either do it by yourself or get it done by the developers who made DriveMond. For that just visit here and you will be all set! 

    The ride sharing and parcel delivery driver app has been built using Flutter to provide high-performance & cross-platform integration options.

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