Ride Flow

Ride Flow for DriveMond: #

1.   User Initiation: #

  • The user opens the DriveMond User App and logs in.
  • On the app’s home screen, the user selects the categories like “Car” or “Bike” option to initiate a ride request.

2.  Location Input: #

  • The app prompts the user to enter the pick-up and drop-off locations.
  • Users can manually enter the addresses or use the app’s location services for automatic detection.

3.  Ride Options and Fare Estimate: #

  • Based on the input locations, the app displays available ride options.
  • Users can view an estimated fare for each option before confirming the ride.

4.  Driver Matching: #

  • Once the ride details are confirmed, the system identifies and assigns the nearest available driver.
  • Users receive real-time updates on the driver’s name, and estimated time of arrival.

5.  Driver Acceptance and User Confirmation: #

  • The selected driver has the option to accept or decline the ride request and set a bid to it. Bid can be set once for a request.
  • User also have the option to accept or deny the driver’s bid request
  • Once accepted, the user is notified, and they confirm the ride to initiate the journey.

6.  Real-Time Tracking: #

  • The user can track the assigned driver’s location in real-time on the app’s map.
  • Estimated time of arrival is continuously updated to provide accurate arrival predictions.

7.  In-App Communication: #

  • Users and drivers can communicate within the app through text or call, ensuring coordination for smoother pick-ups.

8.  Safe and Comfortable Ride: #

  • Users enjoy a safe and comfortable ride to their destination.
  • The app provides details such as the driver’s name, vehicle details for verification.

9.  Payment and Fare Details: #

  •  After reaching the destination, the app generates a fare summary based on the distance traveled and time taken.
  • Users have the option to pay through various methods integrated into the app.

10.  Rating and Feedback: #

  •  Upon completing the ride, users are prompted to rate the driver and provide feedback same goes for the driver also.
  • Positive ratings contribute to the driver’s profile, while feedback helps enhance service quality.

11.  Digital Receipt and Trip History: #

  • The app maintains a trip history for users to review past rides.

12.  Promotions and Discounts: #

  • Users may be eligible for promotions or discounts by coupon

13. Loyalty Point #

  • Both users and drivers can earn loyalty points if admin permits. 

DriveMond’s ride flow ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for users, from initiating a ride request to reaching their destination, with a focus on safety, transparency, and user-friendly features.