Ride Sharing Solution

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Ride Sharing Solution


Thank you for your interest in DriveMond.

DriveMond is a new and improved ride-sharing business solution that changes the way of transportation and parcel deliveries. It’s not just a solution for sharing rides; it’s a whole system with a strong admin panel and two great apps – one for users and one for drivers.

DriveMond’s mobile apps are designed using advanced technology like Flutter. This technology helps to ensure that users have a consistent and seamless experience while using the app on different devices. Flutter is a Google-made tool for building mobile apps that work on both Android and iOS. The admin panel is the control centre of the whole system. It’s built using a secure and scalable PHP framework – Laravel. 

DriveMond also includes parcel delivery in its system. Users can easily share rides and send or get parcels, making it handy for users, drivers and admin. The platform’s interactive design and advanced features make transportation simple for all.

DriveMond comprises 2 Mobile Applications, 1 Admin Panel, 1 landing page-

User application for Android, iOS using Flutter.

Driver application for Android, iOS using Flutter.

Super Admin web panel developed using Laravel. 

Landing page developed using Laravel blade.