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Account Creation

Customers can access ride sharing and parcel delivery user app by signing up or logging in to their accounts.

DriveMond User App Account Creation Sign Up Features

Sign Up

New customers can begin by inputting their personal details ( first name, last name), phone number, and password to sign up.

DriveMond User App Account Creation Login Features


Existing customers can sign in swiftly with their phone number and password or use the convenient OTP option.

Drivemond User App Account Creation Address Setup Features

Address Setup

Customers can set up addresses with labels by typing or selecting from the map for faster ride and parcel delivery requests.

  • DriveMond User App iOS & Android Supported

    Make your business more accessible to a broader range of audience, expand reach, and maximize user engagement through DriveMond’s cross platform intuitive user app and gain maximum business impact.

    DriveMond iOS & Android Supported User App

    Ride Request Process

    With our user-friendly ride sharing user app, customers can request rides, rate drivers, & complete hassle-free trips

    Choose Pickup Point

    To begin the journey customers choose a pickup point easily by typing or searching on the map.

    Destination Address

    Then select the destination address by typing or selecting from the map and add multiple routes if enabled.

    Vehicle Category

    Customers can choose their preferred vehicle category for a comfortable and personalized trip experience.

    Edit Fare

    With this feature, customers can edit the estimated fare shown by the DriveMond user app and add the fare of their choice.

    Request for Ride

    After setting destination and fare, customers simply tap to request a ride and the system will search for drivers in the nearest radius.


    The nearby drivers will offer their pricing for the trip and customers can choose the exact driver who offers convenience.

    Start Ride

    The ride starts as drivers meet customers at the pickup point. Customers pay idle and delay fees if the ride pauses.

    Ride Completion

    After reaching the destination, customers receive payment details and can apply coupon codes for discounts.


    Customers can choose their preferred payment methods such as cash payment, digital wallet, bank transfer, etc.

    Rate Driver

    Customers can share the trip experience by rating drivers, it helps to improve your ride sharing company’s service quality.

    Parcel Request Process

    With a parcel delivery solution that allows customers to send goods from one place to another securely and conveniently.

    Parcel Type

    Customer starts by choosing their parcel type - fragile, documents, or gift - for a secure delivery process.

    Sender and Receiver Info

    Customer then provides the sender and receiver information for a smooth and reliable delivery of the parcel.

    Parcel Weight

    After that, customer defines parcel weight to ensure the shipment is handled carefully and delivered correctly.

    Select Who Will Pay

    Customers can choose whether the sender or receiver will pay the fees for parcel delivery.

    Choose Parcel Delivery Vehicle

    Customers can find the best parcel delivery vehicles by selecting from suggestions or choosing efficient vehicles.

    Request for Delivery

    After choosing a vehicle, the DriveMond parcel delivery system will start searching for drivers.

    Handover Parcel to Driver

    The driver comes to the sender's location to pick up the item and heads to the parcel delivery destination.

    Parcel Delivery Notification

    Customer/sender will get notification once the driver has delivered the parcel to the receiver.

    Rate Driver

    Customers can rate the driver and promote professionalism for your parcel delivery service.

    Ensure Best User Experience with DriveMond User App

    DriveMond User App Experience
    DriveMond FAQ Vector

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is the DriveMond user app script compatible with popular mobile platforms like iOS and Android?

    Yes, the DriveMond user app script works seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms as it is developed in the Flutter framework.

    The ride sharing and parcel delivery user app script is designed for scalability to ensure it efficiently handles high user traffic and simultaneous requests.

    No, there are no additional costs or hidden fees associated with using the user app script. It's included in our Basic, Combo, and Agency packages.

    Parcel delivery user app solutions offer features like easy parcel tracking, multiple payment options, real-time communication, parcel category & weight selection, a rating system, and real-time notifications for seamless delivery experiences. You will get all the parcel delivery app features in DriveMond’s User App.

    Our ride sharing and parcel delivery user app is built with Flutter to guarantee high-performance and cross-platform integration capabilities.

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