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Setup Business

To establish your ride sharing business, begin with fundamental setups like business information, technical setup, zone setup, etc.

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Admin Panel Setup Business Technical Settings Features

Technical Settings

Add multiple languages, edit landing page contents, and input social media details for successful business promotion.

DriveMond Admin Panel Setup Zone Setup Features

Zone Steup

Pinpoint the territory of your business from the zone setup section and give a name to the zone.

DriveMond Admin Panel Setup Business Trip Commission Features

Trip Commission

Earn from every trip by setting up the commission in percentage and excel as an entrepreneur.

DriveMond Admin Panel Setup Business Fare & Panelty Features

Fare & Penalty

Charge customers after a specific time by setting up idle fee and delay fee for your ride sharing software solution.

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Setup Driver

Add, edit, and manage drivers and setup driver level details from the DriveMond admin panel.

DriveMond Admin Panel Setup Driver Add New Driver Features

Add New Driver

Onboard new drivers easily by providing detailed information and uploading docs so they can start sharing rides.

DriveMond Admin Panel Setup Driver Add Driver Level Features

Add Driver Level

Set up driver levels to enable loyalty points & let your drivers enjoy other perks by fulfilling pre-defined targets and earning points.

Admin Panel Setup Driver Withdraw Method Features

Withdraw Method

Add method details, view methods list, and withdraw requests to smoothen the transaction process between you and the drivers.

DriveMond Admin Panel Setup Driver Enable Bidding System Features

Enable Bidding System

Allow drivers to bid for a custom fare during a trip request. This allows drivers to choose the right trip independently.

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Setup Vehicles

Set up vehicle attributes and add new vehicles to seamlessly manage trips for your ride sharing business.

DriveMond Admin Panel Setup Vehicles Vehicle Attribute Setup Features

Vehicle Attribute Setup

Add vehicle attribute details like brand, model and category to distinguish & track easily.

DriveMond Admin Panel Setup Vehicles Add New Vehicle Features

Add New Vehicle

Input necessary information like license, VIIN no., and assign a driver for a particular vehicle from this section.

DriveMond Admin Panel Setup Vehicles View & Edit Vehicle Features

View and Edit Vehicle

Get a detailed view of the vehicle list with action buttons like changing status, editing details & deleting information.

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Setup Trip

Define zone-wise trip fares and set up trip rules from the ‘Setup Trip’ section of the DriveMond Admin Panel.

DriveMond Admin Panel Zone Wise Trip Fare Setiup

Zone-wise Fare Setup

Set particular fares based on your operation zones and vehicle categories. Add base fare, delay fee, fare per km, etc from here.

DriveMond Admi Panel Trip Rule Settings

Trip Rule Settings

Give customers permission to add routes between pickup & destination as well as set trip request active time.

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Setup Parcel

Set parcel categories, weights and fares easily to manage parcel deliveries from the admin panel.

DriveMond Admin Panel Parcel Attribute Setup

Parcel Attribute Setup

Add parcel category details with weight units and minimum & maximum weight ranges to identify parcels better.

Drivemond Admin Panel Parcel Delivery Fare Setup

Delivery Fare Setup

Customise fare settings based on operational zones, parcel categories, and different weights by adding base fare.

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Setup Employee

Add employees, assign roles, give module access, and manage your ride sharing app admin panel hassle-free.

DriveMond Admin Panel Setup Employee Attribute Setup Feature

Attribute Setup

Create employee roles, select modules so they can access, view role details, and edit permissions for each role from here.

DriveMond Admin Panel Setup Employee Add New Employee Feature

Add New Employee

Provide employee details, mention employee responsibility and set up account information seamlessly from here.

DriveMond Admin Panel Setup Employee Employee Management Feature

Employee Management

Get a detailed employee list to change status, update information, edit module access, and delete employees.

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Setup Customer

As an admin of ride sharing solutions, you can manually set customers' information & add reward points (add levels) to retain customer loyalty.

DriveMond Admin Panel Customer Setup Customer Management Features

Customer Management

Manage, add, edit, and change status & get a detailed customer analytics dashboard from ride sharing app admin panel.

DriveMond Admin Panel Customer Setup Add Customer Level Features

Add Customer Level

Set up customer levels to enable loyalty points and let your customers enjoy incentives after fulfilling pre-defined targets & earning points.

Sustain Users

Grow your business with active and loyal customers and drivers through promotional activities, loyalty programs, and incentives.

Drivemond Admin Panel Sustain Users Promotions For Customers

Promotions for Customers

Attract and retain customers with promotional banners and discount coupons so they can keep returning to your service.

DriveMond Admin Panel Sustain Users User Reward System

User Reward System

Show appreciation to both drivers & customers by rewarding them with loyalty points and wallet bonuses.

DriveMond Admin Panel Sustain Users Review & Rating System

Review and Rating System

Create an authentic space for sharing experiences by activating the review and rating system for both drivers and customers.

Drivemond Admin Panel Sustain Users Real Time Communication

Instant Communication

Elevate user interaction with live chat, push notifications & integrate third-party services for a tailored experience.

Monitor Trip Log

Track real-time trip activities & detailed fares effortlessly with the trip management section from ride sharing app admin panel.

DriveMond FAQ Vector

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best ride sharing software solution?

DriveMond is a complete Ride Sharing and Parcel Delivery Management Software Solution which is perfect for entrepreneurs and software developers. Because its PHP script is easy to understand, install, and the Flutter Apps are available on both Android & iOS.

A parcel delivery app admin panel feature consists of a dashboard, zone management, live tracking, user management, promotion management, adding & updating parcel attributes, fare setup, transaction management, push notification & 3rd party settings.

Yes, DriveMond's ride sharing app admin panel provides real-time zone-wise trip statistics and reports for easy access.

The DriveMond ride sharing and parcel delivery app admin panel is developed using Laravel Framework.

Parcel delivery software helps people to send and receive packages by organizing, tracking and making sure the package gets to the right place safely and on time. It automates the total parcel delivery process efficiently.

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