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10 Best Ride Sharing Apps in India 

Rain got you calling cabs for hours in Mumbai? Everybody living here knows the struggle of Indian commutes. 

But ride sharing app companies saw this struggle as an opportunity. 

They served the people and made the business thrive. 

To help you find the perfect fit in the ride-sharing industry, this blog will assist you in making a decision for your next ride by exploring the best ride-sharing apps in India.

And there’s more! 

This blog will also guide you to start your own ride sharing business to help you become the next big thing on Indian streets! 

Let’s get started.

What Does A Ride Sharing App Mean?

Ride sharing app lets you find and book a ride with nearby drivers. 

These apps connect you with people who use their own cars to give rides. 

You simply open the app, let it know your location and where you want to go, and the app finds a driver nearby. You can even see details about the driver and their car on your phone screen. 

The app is all about convenience, efficiency, and affordability.

Factors to consider when evaluating ride-sharing apps

Choosing the right ride-sharing app can depend on your specific needs and priorities. 

Some users value the user experience and affordable ride-sharing app whereas some may seek luxury rides only. 

Here’s a table to help you compare some popular ride sharing options in India:

Factors to ConsiderAvailabilityBudget FriendlyMultiple Payment OptionsMultiple Vehicle TypesLuxury CarsOutstation Rides
Ola Cabs
Lyft India( Only in Kolkata)
Bla Bla Car
BluSmart(Delhi NCR and Bangalore)
Mega Cabs
Fasttrack Cabs

Table: Ride-Sharing App Comparison

Top 10 Ride-Sharing Apps in India 

Now it’s time to explore the best ride sharing apps in India. Although depending on people’s personal experience the “best” tag can vary, below I have mentioned the top 10 ones based on usage, acceptance, and availability:

1. Uber

Serving in India for over a decade the company now has over 100 million users. It offers reliable rides across major Indian cities. You’ll find a wide range of car options, from affordable rides to luxury sedans.

Uber Ride Sharing App

Notable Features: 

  • Real time tracking 
  • View trip history 
  • In trip emergency button 
  • Ride scheduling 
  • In-app chat or call option and many more 

Operational Area in India: Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, West Bengal, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and more.

2. Ola Cabs

One of the most popular transportation in India serving 250+ cities. A strong competitor to Uber, Ola offers similar services with a focus on the Indian market. Apart from the ride sharing industry it also operates Ola Fleet, Ola Financial Services, and Ola Foods.

Ola Cabs Ride Sharing App

Notable Features:

  • Budget-friendly options like Ola Micro and Ola Mini
  • In app chat feature 
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Pre booking option
  • Save multiple locations as favorites 

Operational Area in India: Andhra Pradesh, Rajkot, Bangalore, Udaipur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Agra and more.

3. Lyft India

A dynamic and innovative ride sharing company based in Kolkata, India. The platform claims to provide unbeatable fares in the existing market without compromising the quality. This company is recognized by a prestigious initiative known as Startup India.

Lyft India Ride Sharing App

Notable Features:

  • AC and non ac cabs
  • Real time tracking 
  • Multiple payment options 
  • Offers various discounts and promotions 
  • Multiple languages supported and many more

Operational Area in India: Kolkata  

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4. Bla Bla Car

Bla Bla Car is a carpooling app launched in 2015 in India to help passengers move easily and share costs. To the Indian users, it offers a cost-effective and eco friendly alternative.  The platform ensures user safety by checking reviews, profiles, and IDs of members and bus partners.

Bla Bla Car Ride Sharing App

Notable Features:

  • Verified profiles and reviews
  • Instant seat booking or requesting system 
  • Connects passengers with drivers traveling on the same route
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Ladies only feature and many more 

Operational Area in India: Agra, Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and more.

5. inDrive

For rides, courier delivery, or freight delivery, inDrive offers all within one app. This California-based platform lets passengers and drivers negotiate fares among themselves. They want to address the existing gaps in the market by following a fair price-setting model.

inDrive Ride Sharing App

Notable Features:

  • Transparent fare negotiation system between drivers and passengers
  • Supports multiple payment methods 
  • Emergency chat and ride sharing button for safety 
  • Can include specific requirements or additional information in the comment section 
  • Live tracking of driver location and many more 

Operational Area in India: Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bhopal etc.

6. BluSmart

BluSmart is an EV ride hailing and charging provider company. The company focuses on ensuring sustainability and thus working on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality in Indian cities.

BluSmart Ride Sharing App

Notable Features:

  • Schedule rides in advance 
  • Express rides option for instant rides on the go 
  • Add multiple stops 
  • Multiple payment options
  • Hourly rental option and many more 

Operational Area in India: Delhi NCR & Bengaluru

7. Savaari

This platform provides a reliable and premium car booking and riding experience. Now they are serving across 2000+ cities in India to make travel easier for the users. Comes with a pet-friendly service to make sure traveling with pets is easy and hassle-free.

Savaari Ride Sharing App

Notable Features:

  • Local hourly rentals 
  • Airport taxi service 
  • One way car rentals
  • Multiple payment methods 
  • Real time location and updates and many more. 

Operational Area in India: Operates across 79 cities and 30 states in India including Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kerala, and more.

8. Mega Cabs

Known for its competitive fares and multiple vehicle options, Mega Cabs is a popular choice in many Indian cities. The user app ensures a streamlined booking process for it’s users to save time and reach their destinations safely.

 Mega Cabs Ride Sharing App

Notable Features:

  • Ride booking option 5 days prior to travel 
  • 24/7 customer service 
  • Trip journey page with all past and upcoming trips 
  • Multi city booking option
  • Real time journey monitoring and many more 

Operational Area in India: New Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai, Amritsar

9. Fasttrack Cabs : Safe Taxi 

One of the pioneers of the Tamil Nadu transportation industry, this app allows easy booking, ride tracking, and fare estimation. It’s a reliable option for quick and convenient rides. This company aims to add auto-rickshaws in their ride sharing app service to offer a more convenient travel experience.

 Fasttrack Cabs-Safe Taxi Ride Sharing App

Notable Features:

  • Multiple payment options
  • Ride scheduling option
  • Outstation trip option
  • Hourly rental option 
  • Track live travel routes and many more 

Operational Area in India: Chennai

10. Rapido

This app solves India’s intra-city commuting problems by providing bike taxi services to a large amount of people. Serving more than 100 cities this app has made last-mile connectivity accessible for all.

Rapido Ride Sharing App

Notable Features:

  • Live tracking 
  • Driver rating 
  • Complete riding history 
  • Multiple payment methods 
  • Emergency contact for safety and many more 

Operational Area in India: Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Punjab, and more.

How to Start Your Own Ride-Sharing Business

Now if you are imagining becoming the next big name in the Indian ride booking apps

industry then feel free to scroll through this section. 

We’ll now see how you can have one of the most successful and best ride sharing apps in the market that benefits both – the users and your business. 

Building from Scratch

Building your app from the surface level lets you have complete control. But it requires significant resources, cost, and expertise. 

You will need to build a team of expert app developers, go through legal & regulatory compliance, and have an idea of fleet management. 

After that, you will have to launch and market to attract both customers and drivers. 

If you need details on how to build your own ride sharing app, check here

Know About: Ride Sharing App Development Cost

Using a Market-Ready Ride Sharing Software

Alternatively, you can opt for a market-ready ride sharing software that provides a turnkey solution for launching your ride-sharing business.

This technology will help you get started faster and with lower upfront costs. You won’t have to bother about building and maintaining an expert team as you get everything ready from apps to web panels. 

Final Words

The world of ride sharing in India is bustling with opportunities. I hope navigating through the best ride sharing apps in India has equipped you with the knowledge to build and launch your own business. The existing best ones come with their own cons too. 

So as an entrepreneur, you can take the chance and make the change! 

See you in the next blog.


Is it safe to use ride-sharing apps in India?

Most reputable ride-sharing apps prioritize safety but mishaps occur. Look for features like driver ratings, in-app chat, and real-time ride tracking. Remember to share your ride details with someone you trust as a part of precautions.

Which riding app is best in India?

There’s no single “best” app – it depends on your specific needs and priorities. Mostly,  people go for Uber and Ola in India.

What payment options are typically available on ride-sharing platforms?

Most ride sharing apps in India offer convenient cashless payment options along with cash payments. Here are some common methods: Debit & Credit Cards, Mobile Wallets, and UPI (Unified Payments Interface).

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