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7 Best Ride Sharing Apps of 2024

When I was a kid, my mom always warned me to never get in a car with strangers. But when I entered university, my mom asked me why I was not using ride sharing apps to catch classes on time and safely. I wondered why there was a drastic change in her character and realised it was because of the popularity and fast changes in the ride sharing service market. 

Image: Ride hailing market revenue estimation (Source)

The ride hailing, popularly known as ride sharing market is projected to have a market volume of US$215.70bn by 2028. With this increased growth, the world will take a step forward towards eco-friendliness, saving time and effort for the users.

But with so many ride sharing apps available, which one should you choose? Which one provides a hassle-free ride, saving you time and energy?

To help you find the right one easily, I have listed the top 7 apps for 2024 in this blog after extensive research, so you won’t have to search and test each app manually.

What is a ride sharing app? 

Ridesharing is a transportation service you can access instantly through a smartphone app, connecting you with drivers who offer rides in their private vehicles.

The whole idea revolves around using your smartphone to arrange a ride swiftly. It’s like having a personal driver, but the car is usually owned by someone else. 

Why should you use a ride sharing app? Because it’s convenient, cost-effective, safe, time saving and there’s no parking hassle. 

How do ride sharing apps work?

The working procedure of ride-sharing service is really simple – 

Request a Ride: Passengers use the app to request a ride from their current location to a destination.

Matching Process: The app finds the nearest available driver and matches them with the passenger’s request.

Driver Acceptance: The driver receives the request and can choose to accept or decline it.

Real-time Tracking: Passengers can track the driver’s location and estimated time of arrival in real time.

Pickup Point: Once accepted, the driver arrives at the specified location to pick up the passenger.

Payment and Rating: After the ride, payment is processed through the app, and both the driver and passenger can rate each other.

Quick Glance of the Best Ride Sharing Apps

SLNORide Share AppFeatures
1UberMultiple ride options, cashless payments, loyalty program
2LyftScheduled rides, carpooling option, subscription plans
3OlaRide options for women and families, in-car entertainment system.
4CareemIn-app messaging, safety button, Pre-scheduled rides, Business profile
5CurbPair and pay option, WAV equipped vehicles, Multiple booking options for riders, Book on demand in advance
6GoJekChat feature, Multiple payment methods, Multiple destinations, Schedule a ride, Share location
7BlaBlaCarLong-distance ridesharing, verified drivers, trip insurance.

7 Best Ride Sharing Apps of 2024

Find the best ride sharing apps of 2024 with their pros, cons and details below- 


With 131 million monthly active users in 2024, Uber is by far the most popular ride sharing service in the world. Uber serves 70 countries with the option of ride sharing, food delivery, package delivery, and freight transport. 

Available Platforms: Android and iOS

Google Play Store Rating: 4.7

App Store Rating: 4.9


Features of the Uber Rider App: 

  • Ride booking
  • Real-time tracking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Saved destination
  • Share your trip
  • Split the fare 
  • Multiple drop-off points
  • Scheduled rides
  • Sync meetings using calendar shortcuts
  • Driver review and rating
  • Trip history
  • In-app chat or call option
  • SOS panic button

Advantages of using Uber: 

  • Cashless payment option
  • Convenient than traditional methods
  • Professional service
  • Safer than other public transports

Disadvantages of using Uber: 

  • Pricing may fluctuate for the same destination on different days
  • Cancelling rides by the driver
  • Not available in all cities of the world
  • Controversial labour practices for drivers


Available only in the USA and Canada, Lyft is considered to be one of the biggest competitors of Uber. It is the second-largest ride-sharing company in the USA. This service sets itself apart by focusing on an enhanced customer-centric approach.

Available Platforms: Android and iOS

Google Play Store Rating: 3.9

App Store Rating: 4.9


Features of the Lyft App:

  • Split transportation costs by sharing rides
  • Real time map tracking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Sharing ride locations with friends and family
  • View or export ride receipts
  • Scheduled rides
  • Airport information for riders
  • Using Google TalkBack to request a ride
  • Using VoiceOver in iOS to request a ride
  • Women+ Connect for female & non-binary riders
  • Promotions, ride discounts, and Lyft credit

Advantages of using Lyft: 

  • Cost sharing and saving
  • Safety focused vehicles
  • Professional and friendly drivers
  • Test ride option for new customers

Disadvantages of using Lyft: 

  • Some people may feel uncomfortable using the carpooling service
  • Safety issues may arise for a few drivers
  • Only available in certain locations


It is one of the world’s largest ride-hailing platforms serving 250+ cities across India, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. 

Available Platforms: Android and iOS

Google Play Store Rating: 3.9

App Store Rating: 4.6


Features of the Ola App:

  • Multi-stop bookings
  • Different range of vehicles
  • Corporate profile
  • Advanced payment gateway integration
  • Multiple bookings
  • Ola Play for entertainment
  • Label favourite destination
  • In-app communication 
  • Drivers’ service history
  • Schedule rides

Advantages of using Ola:

  • Premium membership offers budget-friendly rates for Prime Sedan rides.
  • Enjoy cab bookings without peak pricing and no waiting during rush hours
  • A wide range of vehicles to choose from
  • Free cab wifi

Disadvantages of using Ola:

  • Unprofessional behaviour from a few drivers
  • Poor customer support


It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Uber serving over 100 cities, covering 12 countries across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia regions. 

Available Platforms: Android and iOS

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3

App Store Rating: 4.6 


Features of the Careem App:

  • Multiple payment gateways
  • In-app messaging
  • In-app safety button
  • Rewards and offers
  • Pre-scheduled rides
  • Business profile

Advantages of using Careem:

  • Biometric authentication for secure login
  • Careem rewards for being a loyal customer
  • Share ride details with friends & family to track them in real-time
  • Book rides with both the app and the website

Disadvantages of using Careem:

  • Poor customer service
  • Careem Wallet may not function properly all the time, and there’s a possibility of not receiving money on time
  • Unprofessional behaviour from a few Careem Captains


Curb has been helping bring the legacy industry of taxis into the Uber economy. It has more than 100,000 drivers on the platform today.

Available Platforms: Android and iOS

Google Play Store Rating: 2.9

App Store Rating: 4.8  


Features of the Curb App:

  • Pair and pay option
  • WAV equipped vehicles
  • Multiple booking options for riders
  • Book on demand in advance
  • Business profile
  • Share ride status

Advantages of using Curb:

  • Convenient for people living in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and many more
  • Flexible riding option: Ride Now, Ride Later, Pair & Pay
  • Earn from personal referral code
  • No price surge
  • TaxiTV option for entertainment on the go

Disadvantages of using Curb:

  • Some riders faced price-changing issues after payment
  • Unprofessional behaviour of drivers
  • May take more time to sync with a cab


It is considered the versatile super app of Southeast Asia. Its services include 20+ diverse domains, including ride-sharing, food & shopping, payments, daily needs etc. 

Available Platforms: Android and iOS

Google Play Store Rating: 4.4

App Store Rating: 4.4


Features of the GoJek App:

  • Chat feature
  • Variation of different services
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multiple destinations
  • Schedule a ride
  • Business profile
  • Share location

Advantages of using GoJek:

  • Safe and convenient rides with “Safe Trip Kit Feature”
  • Guarantee voucher if a driver picks you up more than 15 minutes from the estimated time mentioned in the app
  • Order for someone in a different location
  • Create multiple orders at the same time ( GoRide, GoFood, GoMart etc )

Disadvantages of using Gojek: 

  • Poor customer service
  • Auto renews of subscriptions without notifications
  • App freezes for many users while using


It’s an affordable, comfortable and eco-friendly carpooling with a bus journey system. It has 26 million active members in 21 countries. 

Available Platforms: Android and iOS

Google Play Store Rating: 4.2

App Store Rating: 4.7


Features of the BlaBlaCar App:

  • Cost-effective and secure
  • Ladies only feature
  • Option to filter out pet-friendly rides
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Search filters for quick user journey

Advantages of using BlaBlaCar:

  • Affordable ride sharing service
  • Chance to socialise with other travellers
  • Can choose whom to travel with
  • Find an appropriate vehicle based on the things you’re travelling with
  • Women feel more secure by going with the Ladies Only feature

Disadvantages of using BlaBlaCar: 

  • Deciding on a meeting place with the driver can be hard sometimes
  • Not available in many countries
  • Possibility of delay for multi-city trips
  • Poor customer service

Popular ride sharing apps based in different countries/ regions

Country/ RegionApp Name
USAUber, Lyft
IndiaUber, Ola
Middle Eastern CountriesCareem, Uber
European CountriesUber, BlaBlaCar, Cabify
Southeast Asian CountriesGrab, Uber, GoJek

Which ride sharing app is the cheapest?

There’s not a definitive answer to this. Finding the most budget-friendly ride depends on location, time of day and availability. Although many people consider Uber one of the cheapest, it’s better to compare at least 2 app prices before confirming a ride request. This way, you could take advantage of the real-time prices on different apps. 

Also, carpooling services like BlaBlaCar can be a good option to find affordable and cheap rides as you split the fare. 

Which ride sharing app is the best?

Uber is considered the best ride sharing app service in terms of safety, professionalism and availability. This global giant is operating in more than 10,000 cities and serving millions of customers worldwide. It is one of the most successful ride sharing companies in the USA. 

How to build your own ride sharing app?

Seeing all the possibilities in this sector, it’s normal for you to want your own ride sharing business and become one of the giants in this industry. But only dreaming won’t work. Working towards it can make it possible. 

Before launching, popular ride sharing services like Uber didn’t know they would make this huge impact or that people around the world would recognise it. You may not be able to do what they do now in this initial stage, but you can do what they did to get there. 

For this section, I have separated the whole ride-sharing app-building process into three different parts: 

  1. Pre-development Phase: In this part, clearly define your goal with the app and your target audience. You will have to build a team consisting – of developers, a project manager, a UI/UX designer, a software tester, a graphics designer, a business research analyst, a database administrator, marketing specialist. Make sure everyone’s on the same page about what your app should be.
  1. Development Phase: This stage requires you to divide the tasks into manageable chunks and start developing the app by integrating essential features and ensuring security. Also, ensure your app complies with local laws or service areas.

    Then make sure to test the app’s functions and usability to avoid any issues the users may face. 
  1. Post-development Phase: In this phase, your app will be ready to be launched. Your marketing team will now promote your business and let the world know you have arrived. You also have to keep an eye out there to know how your app is performing and whether it needs further tweaks. There also may come situations where you or your team must be ready to fix any issues. 

And if you’re overwhelmed by reading all this information and need a quick yet market-ready solution, then it would be wise to check DriveMond. It’s a complete ride sharing and parcel delivery solution that comes with an Admin Panel, User App, Driver App and Website. So you’re cutting the cost of building a team, building a system and getting the solution ready to launch.

Final words 

As the world evolves, the need for ride sharing apps is increasing due to its one-tap ride service facility. Like Uber, many competitors in the industry are trying to bridge the gap between customer expectations and service possibilities. Although the best ride-sharing app can vary from person to person, the 7 apps mentioned in this blog are reputed and industry-leading. 

Still, many loopholes need to be addressed and solved. This should be taken as a chance and challenge for entrepreneurs to launch their own ride share service by solving the problems people are still facing. 

And that wraps up today’s knowledge-sharing session. I hope this blog helps you find the ride sharing service platform you have been looking for. 

Until next time, bye!


1. Which one is the best long distance ride sharing app?

Popular apps like Uber and Lyft allow long distance rides. Lyft has a limit of riding within 100 miles of the pickup coverage area, and Uber has an eight-hour drive limit and no mileage limit.

2. Which is the safest rideshare?

Uber is considered the safest rideshare out there due to their professionalism and security measures taken.

3. Is it safe to use rideshare?

Ridesharing apps are successfully completing millions of trips around the world per day. Although any unwanted situation can happen to anyone at any time, the majority of the users shared a delightful experience in terms of safety.

4. What is the advantage of ride share?

Cost savings, convenience, and time management are the most common advantages of rideshare. They will take you to your desired destination without you worrying about hopping on public transport or searching for transportation standing on the road.

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