Complete Ride Sharing and Parcel Delivery Solution

DriveMond is a complete ride sharing & parcel delivery solution that comes with PHP script.

Ride Sharing and Parcel Delivery App Development Solution

What Comes with DriveMond?

DriveMond ensures a total ride sharing experience for all its users, such as drivers, customers, and the admin.

Admin Panel

Add drivers & vehicles, manage customers, monitor trip logs, etc.

User App

Customers can request a ride, send parcels, get loyalty points, etc.

Driver App

Drivers can bid for ride requests, earn performance bonus, etc.


Admin can promote business, and invite drivers & users to join.

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    DriveMond User App v1.1 QR Code

    Scan the QR code to download the app

    DriveMond Driver App v1.1 QR Code

    Developed Using Latest Tech for Seamless Cross-Platform Operation





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    How Does DriveMond Work?

    As a ride sharing business owner, you can take control of everything. Let’s see how DriveMond work for you.

    1. Set Up Business

    Purchase the DriveMond script, then download and install it on your server. After that, configure, and set up business rules, and trip-wise commission from the admin panel.

    Drivemond Set Up Ride Sharing and Parcel Delivery Business
    Drivemond Add New Drivers and Deliveryman

    2. Add New Drivers

    Add drivers for your system and set up driver levels to enable loyalty points. So drivers can fulfil their daily target and win incentives directly to their wallets from the driver app.

    3. Enable Bidding System

    Allow drivers to bid for a user fare and let customers choose from the convenient offer. This feature is controlled by the admin and used by the users such as drivers and customers.

    Drivemond Ride Sharing Bidding System
    Drivemond Add Vehicle Attributes

    4. Add Vehicle with Attributes

    Set vehicle attributes such as brand, model, and category. After that, add a new vehicle and connect drivers to that vehicle. The vehicle will not be added if you don’t add any driver.

    5. Set Ride Fare

    Define fares for different rides according to different zones. For example, choose types of rides such as bike & car for zone 1 and only bike for zone 2. You can add different fares for each zone-wise vehicle.

    Drivemond Set Ride Fare
    Drivemond Manage Parcel Delivery

    6. Manage Parcel Module

    Set parcel categories & weights from the parcel management section. Then, set parcel delivery fares according to different business zones. You can also set parcel categories for each zone.

    7. Create Promotions

    Boost your booking frequencies by creating promotions such as banners, discount coupons, and loyalty programs. You can also enable/disable any promotions as necessary.

    Drivemond Ride Sharing Promotion
    Drivemond Monitor Ride Sharing and Parcel Delivery Business

    8. Monitor Trip Log

    View real-time trip activities from all users and detailed fares from the trip management section. This feature allows you to keep track of all rides and fares, including real-time ride updates.

    Let’s Discover DriveMond’s Business Potential

    With DriveMond’s two dynamic modules, you can do various businesses and unlock the utmost potential.

    Ride Sharing

    Create zone-wise vehicles and connect drivers & start zone-wise ride sharing business with DriveMond. Customers can request a custom fare while drivers can bid for that request.

    Parcel Delivery

    Start parcel delivery business for customers. The registered drivers can join this module and you can ensure seamless parcel delivery service to all the customers.

    Key Features of DriveMond

    Let’s explore the key features that make DriveMond a trendy ride sharing business and why it’s a must-have for your business.

    Drivemond Data Driven Dashboard Features

    Data-driven Dashboard

    Drivemond Vehicle Model Category Features

    Vehicle Model & Category

    Drivemond Multi Zone Wise Business Features

    Zone-wise Business

    Drivemond Trip Activity Monitor Features

    Trip Activity Monitor

    Drivemond Fare Bidding Option Features

    Fare Bidding Option

    Drivemond Driver Self Registration Features

    Driver Self-Registration

    Drivemond Waiting Delay Fees Features

    Waiting & Delay Fees

    Drivemond Driver Loyalty Programs Features

    Driver Loyalty Programs

    Drivemond Driver Customer Verification Features

    Driver & Customer Verification

    Drivemond Coupons and Bonuses Features

    Coupons and Bonuses

    Drivemond Customer Loyalty Programs Features

    Customer Loyalty Programs

    Drivemond Trip Wise Commission Features

    Trip-wise Commission

    Drivemond Add Pickup Point Features

    Add Pickup Point

    Drivemond Payment and SMS Gateways Features

    Payment & SMS Gateways

    Drivemond Zone Wise Parcel Fare Features

    Zone-wise Parcel Fare

    Drivemond Multi Language With RTL Features

    Multi-Language with RTL

    Drivemond Parcel Category and Weight Features

    Parcel Category & Weight

    Drivemond Zone Wise Trip Fare Features

    Zone-wise Trip Fare

    Drivemond Promotional Banners Features

    Promotional Banners

    Drivemond Penalty for Cancellation Features

    Penalty for Cancellation

    Drivemond Light and Dark Mode Features

    Light & Dark Mode

    Unlock Efficiency with Best
    Payment Methods & SMS Gateways

    Payment Gateways

    Stripe Logo
    Razorpay Logo
    Sslcommerz Logo
    Paypal Logo
    SenangPay Logo
    Paytm Logo
    Paystack Logo
    Liqpay Logo
    Flutterwave Logo
    Mercado Pago Logo
    bkash Logo
    Paytabs Logo
    Paymob Accept Logo

    SMS Gateways

    Twilio Logo
    2factor Logo
    Nexmo Logo
    msg91 Logo
    Releans Logo

    Why Choose DriveMond?

    DriveMond ensures that all its users get absolute facilities and convenience along their journey with the solution.

    Drivemond-Versatile Riding Experience for Customers

    Versatile Riding Experience for Riders

    Passengers can request for a ride with a custom fare and get driver requests at a convenience offer via the user app.

    Drivemond-Flexibility and Fair Earnings for Drivers

    Flexibility and Fair Earnings for Drivers

    The driver app is designed for efficiency, ensuring smooth navigation, transparent earnings tracking, and bidding system.

    Drivemond-Multiple Revenue Streams for Admin

    Multiple Revenue Streams for Admin

    Apart from managing, monitoring, controlling entire business process, admin can earn from both parcel and ride sharing module.

    Why Choose Drivemond Ride Sharing and Parcel Delivery Business Solution

    Get All The Help & Support Your Need

    Team DriveMond always work tirelessly for you to have the best experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About DriveMond

    1. What is DriveMond?

    DriveMond is a complete ride sharing app and parcel delivery solution that comes with a Laravel admin panel, and Flutter user & driver app. 

    Yes, we do. You'll get the technical documentation with the script zip.

    Currently, DriveMond has two business modules- ride sharing and parcel delivery. And you can do both.

    For multiple clients' you need to purchase agency package.

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